It's a secret (shyderp)'s status on Tuesday, 17-Jul-12 11:15:51 UTC

  1. I just dreamt that The Doctor was stuck in 1985, and that some guy went one year in the future, stabbed The Doctor, took his credit-card, went back to the living Doctor,and called him. The ringtone was 4 loud rings, and when he said "Hello?", his voice echoed in a nearby phone. Then some some crazy explanation-stuff happened, and I was about to explain it to @Jonas, (in the dream) but then I woke up and said "...And then he killed him, and went back to 1986... what. Huh? What?". I can't believe I dreamt a complicated Doctor Who Thingy, with an actual storyline ... I can't believe i dreamt at all! XD

    Tuesday, 17-Jul-12 11:15:51 UTC from MuSTArDroid

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