Flare Dancer (Jenna) (flaredancer)'s status on Saturday, 18-Aug-12 11:26:15 UTC

  1. @pony Cute ones, silly ones. Good art. Some saucy ones, but I'm very picky about those. I'm the type who likes artistic nudes and near nudes, not pron. I like AJ, Big Mac, Fluttershy, and FlutterMac. I don't really ship, but most of the FlutterMac pics I see are ridiculously adorable. I also collect Colgate and Scootaloo pics because I send them to Renovatedkitchen and Foxgopher, respectively, to wake up to. I send Noirbatch AJ pics to wake up to, too, but I also just collect those. Why do you ask?

    Saturday, 18-Aug-12 11:26:15 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context


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