Brandon Egnell (whirlsquirrel)'s status on Tuesday, 21-Aug-12 05:58:09 UTC

  1. @mintisucks So you think me spending that much money on this is "sad" ? Cause in all honesty I have now 3 new skills after doing this. Navigation of the 'MERICA, targeting sales, and sewing. Cause if you do not notice, bronies got some money to burn. And i have a school that now needs to be funded from my pocket. So one doesn't need to waste money. Plus meeting all my friends i talk to over skype was worth every penny. No matter what someone says, when you make good friends over the internet and have the chance to meet them. Take it. Cause 99% of the time those people are pretty awesome in person too.

    Tuesday, 21-Aug-12 05:58:09 UTC from web in context

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