Matt (mrmattimation)'s status on Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:47:50 UTC

  1. @mintystarshine 1) Likely, given that the show has another full season already paid for, so if they keep sucking up to the bronies this will definitely happen. 2) Unlikely, too dark. 3) Could happen ONLY if they did another movie, because somehow I doubt that Sentry will appear in the television series ever. 4) Unlikely, see number 2. 5) That's already happened, hasn't it? 6) Hot, but unlikely. 7) All of these are likely with the exception of Doctor Hooves. If he did speak, it would not be in the Doctor persona because the BBC would probably not enjoy this.

    Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:47:50 UTC from web in context