LCpl Azure Blaze (lcplazureblaze)'s status on Friday, 27-Mar-15 15:13:57 UTC

  1. Last period was my weight lifting class and since we have really short periods we didn't do any lifting we just stayed up in the gym area. All of my classmates raided the gym equipment and ganged up on me, pelting me with their flaming tennis balls of death. I am now sitting in study hall with welts all up and down my back. For some reason that was the only place they hit and that's the second to worst place to get hit with them. At least I didn't get hit in the other place. After a while I was able to obtain my own tennis ball for personal defense but not after taking heavy damage. Why does Morphy's law exist? I was doing so good today.

    Friday, 27-Mar-15 15:13:57 UTC from web at 40°48'30"N 81°48'2"W

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