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  1. Zootopia:
    THe film was great, the animation and scenery not only absolutely fluid, but it was overwhelmingly beautiful
    The typical/atypical bunny Buddy Cop Action/Comedy style and trope was fantastic. It followed suit with it's Love/ate humour with major themes about equality and duality (Hence all the slashes).
    Now, we enter spoilerino Territory: #:
    Through out the film, we are introduced to the one only Judy Hops, an ambitious young bunny with ideals made of iron and as stubborn as a mule. That part may be literal. We are grown attached to her through her growing up and learn about her idealizations of what society should be, from this, we sympathize with her and the film makers do a fantastic job at doing this with every character in the film that plays some semi-major role. The film even has the typical Cop twists of narrative that stem from a kind of Guess-who-is-the-killer! Trope. It executes this well. It oes it very well infact that I am running out of wo

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