Seth Edwards (noirbatch)'s status on Sunday, 17-Apr-16 00:56:51 UTC

  1. @narwhal Ya know I would normally hype and be all... "OH MY GOSH BEST GAME EVAR!"

    In all honesty, it is a labor of understanding all the faults of all the souls games, including Bloodbourne, and working on their strengths... To create a very cohesive, intuitive, rewarding experience. It's like they combined all the good things in all the souls games as far as gameplay, and enough lore to take you back, and bring you into a new experience every time. It's a souls game, it still has quirks, but this time it's just a solid, polished entry, and one amazing send off for the souls series.

    Sunday, 17-Apr-16 00:56:51 UTC from web in context