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  1. Final thoughts on Bojack Season 4, spoilers ahoy:

    Definitely my favorite season so far. After three seasons of Bojack's self-destructive behavior causing his obligatory end-of-season misfortunes, this was the first season to make me say, out loud, "he doesn't deserve this"-and, like Bojack himself, this was the first season that had my smiling in the final shot. Hollyhock was a tremendous addition to the main cast and I hope they keep using her in the series' fifth season, should they decide to make one.

    Beatrice's arc was interesting to me, not just because it put her actions in seasons 2 and 3 in a whole new light, but also because my great grandmother, Louella, who passed away four days ago, was herself an Alzheimer's patient. And also a Parkinson's patient. My genetics are terrible.

    As sad as it made me to see Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's marriage fall apart, I was happy that literally everyone else, Bojack included, ended the season on a high note.

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