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  1. So I come home last night and there's a fire in the fireplace and nobody else is home. Turns out our houseguest didn't "have any issue" with leaving it unattended for what he thought "would only be half an hour." He claimed it was only embers, but when I got back there were four/five inch flames and it was popping cinders off left and right. My question is, how righteously indignant do I actually get to be about this? I thought about threatening to "rub his nose in it like a bad puppy" if anything like it ever happens again. As is, I pulled all of my video games and consoles from the TV and boxed them back up in my room because I can't trust him right now. He hasn't even made a token attempt at apology, other than a "my bad" about not locking the back sliding glass door. And, of course, if I prompt an apology, does it really count for anything? Or am I just overselling this?

    about 10 months ago from web in context

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