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  1. OK feel free to ignore the following: Before I get famous (ha ha amiright), I just want to say I've made sexual mistakes in my past. Our culture has long been too silent on the topic, leaving people to learn by trial and error, almost guaranteeing that somebody suffers. I'm not, however, using that as an out, but to suggest a solution - educate. I'm sorry to those I've hurt, to those I've harmed, and believe me when I say I've learned, and I hope I've learned the right things. And that's what I have to say on all these celebrity cases, too: have they learned, and have they learned well? The culture of 35 years ago, when Kevin Spacey was committing his misdeeds, can't fairly be compared to today, but it doesn't excuse him - has he learned better since then? (clearly not, considering his "Don't hate me, I'm gay" tweet). TL;DR, you should all actually hate me, and maybe I'll go die now that my secret is out. tw sex and junk

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