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  1. @why @nerthos there is like over 20 The series goes back to the ps1 times and nowdays it comes as a series of independent trilogies.

    On ps2 you can play Atelier iris 1, 2 and 3 and also the spin of series mana kemia.

    on ps3 you can play Atelier rorona, totori and meruru (the arland series, they all have ehanced ports to Vita)

    Also on ps3 is the Dusk series (ayesha, escha&logy and Shallie)

    The most recent series is the misterious series, which is Sophie, Firis and Lidy. Firis was the first entry in the series for PC (sophie came after Firis on PC, despite being the first one in the series)

    All the ps1 ones are in japanese, but starting from the ps2 games all of them have been translated to english (except one spin off names Helmina and Culus)

    PErsonallay, i've played 9, but 3 of them i didnt bother to beat because i wansnt liking them enough

    about 7 months ago from web in context

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