monsutaa kaado! (mushi)'s status on Monday, 15-Oct-18 20:21:26 UTC

  1. @nerthos he also suport that bcause of the polictical crysis peopel need to chose between having rights and no jobs or hvign jobs and no rights, but revuses to stop getting housing assistance (despite owning a house in brasília), personal assistance , phone assistance, travel assistance and so on (all of this sum up to hundreds of thousands of R$, plus his own salary), so he is a straight up hypocritical. and his reason to keep getting all those assistances while removing all the ones the regular people get is that he doesnt want to lose what he already has

    ALso, when asked what he did with 40K of housign assistance is he already had a house his answer was "i use it to eat people"

    about a month ago from web in context

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