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  1. @mrmattimation I assumed it'd be pretty much that when it came to actual gameplay. I wanted to give it a try before the pr disaster but with us$ hovering around ar$40 I can't throw $60 at something I won't play regularly, specially with exams and essays taking much of my time. Maybe if it ever goes for $20 I'll get a copy, provided they don't do "micro"transactions and other predatory crap.
    How's the basebuilding? admittedly that's what I spent more time in Fallout 4 than anything else and the main appeal of 76 from the trailers to me was the idea of building forts that'd actually be attacked by thinking entities as opposed to mindless npcs that spawn inside your walls. Without npcs to drive a story and interesting quests, exploration, combat and building need to be very good to make it worth it.

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