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  1. @nerthos The micro transactions are for cosmetics and reskina only, and they’re all cosmetics you can get anyway if you explore enough. I wouldn’t worry about that. I can’t say much about the base building other than you initially don’t have a lot to work with (you gotta find plans to build almost everything) but my friend who spent HOURS building stuff in Fallout 4 really likes it. Once you HAVE found blueprints and stuff there’s a lot to work with, more than FO4 I think. It’s bugged right now in that crafting benches don’t always store properly when you move your base but Bethesda’s aware of that issue and it’s being patched in the next update. The other thing is that finding building supplies is waaaaay more time consuming in this one than it was in Fallout 4, they re-balanced it so that screws and springs are harder to find (I think it was to encourage more exploration but i’m not sure). Our bases have only been attacked by AI so far, other players don’t care enough.

    about 10 days ago from web in context

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