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  1. @nerthos There are AI enemies, just no NPC humans. It's kind of a man vs. nature sort of thing in that every AI that you DO encounter is usually a wild animal (or a busted robot). There's the usual stuff, there are feral ghouls, super mutants, robots, deathclaws, mole rats, etc. etc., but then there's also some new ones. Scorched are ghouls that are in between feralism and still having some semblance of brain activity, so they don't communicate verbally but they can use guns. Mole Miners hang out in the coal mines and I THINK they're people that have gone mad? I'm not sure, the game's really ambiguous about what they actually are, and you can't see what's underneath their masks. Scorched Beasts are, uh, really buff dragons. The closest thing I've seen to an actual NPC is a supercomputer who reads poetry to you, and I want to put her AI into a synth body and marry her.

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