Angry Liberal (mrmattimation)'s status on Friday, 11-Jan-19 05:08:12 UTC

  1. just (finally) beat the GTA Online Doomsday Heist that was released back in 2017, it’s a really cool and often overlooked addition to the game that I think is probably ignored because it doesn’t fit the narrative that the game is a grind fest. The heist finale is totally bonkers and off-the-rails and the payout for playing it on hard mode (I got $1.5 million since I did most of the challenges as well) is really rewarding and worth the effort. My only complaint is the ridiculous difficulty spike in the third act of the heist, since Elon Musk’s Alex Jones clone super soldiers are really buff and numerous in some of the missions, the game felt artificially padded by how much my friends and I died.

    about 13 days ago from web

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