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  1. @scribus The season also had a weird number of episodes. It's hard to count because this season had more specials and multi-parters than usual, but CN seems to consider every 11 minute segment an "episode" (meaning half-hour shows are two episodes, and the hour-long finale was four episodes), which leaves us at 32 episodes instead of the usual 26. The movie is likely being produced as if it were seven or eight separate episodes of the show, as the Regular Show movie was, so if you count that and add the fourth broadcast season, it'd bring us to 65 shows in the production season. There probably WAS a sixth season ordered, and instead they extended the fifth season and produced a movie (which is similar to what Regular Show did with its sixth season, it was supposed to be 40 episodes but it only ended up being 32 and the remaining 8 were used to make the movie).

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