adiwan (adiwan)'s status on Sunday, 14-Apr-19 20:34:12 UTC

  1. Played The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild for the first time. I spent half an hour getting out of a death loop. The game auto-saved right in the range of a guardian while I was riding on a horse and being at the edge of a cliff. So turning on the horse was impossible. I had to abandon the horse for a short while so it could position itself better such that I could flee with it. I didn't want to abandon the horse because it's the first horse I encountered in the game and I stole it from a bokoblin rider. Also It's super annoyingly long to get from A to B without although it'd be a little bit easier to navigate without a horse because I could use the paraglider more often.

    about 7 days ago from web in context

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