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  1. @oracle I programmed several trainings in the past. One was about changing a pH probe of a waste water system, then one about assembling a car's front to the chassis, then one about assembling car cockpit elements, and now it's about servicing the welding gun on a robot arm. In general the clients want to train their people to do a series of task by the book, with no deviation, and they are done in VR because
    1) the machine/process doesn't exist yet and it's quicker to train it beforehand such that the time to applying the real process is as small as possible,
    2) training in the real environment costs too much because it halts/disturbs assembly line and such,
    3) train the process everywhere such that there is no need to go to the real location, which saves on traveling costs,
    4) It's flashy and good for marketing
    5) Can be repeated anytime
    6) A very critical error in real life occurs very rarely and it cannot be replicated in real life but can be in VR

    about a month ago from web in context

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