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  1. @oracle The main problem is that I'm not responsible for the storyboard of the training. I'm the one who has to convert the gibberish into code. What I get is a very linear script that tells the user what to do and when the action has been done the next instruction appears. I use a giant state machine (in my current one there are about 80 states) for that purpose. Every time an action or an instruction has ended the state machine advances. The storyboard has 3 "difficulty levels" in mind in which the first level the user get all the instructions and the interaction items are highlighted. The second difficulty level is the same but without the instructions, and the 3rd is with no highlighting. In every state only the currently needed items are interactable and nothing more. My current training has also a little quiz in the second level and a thing where the user has to order the steps on a whiteboard. It's on the level of a kindergartener.

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