Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Wednesday, 05-Jun-19 00:38:25 UTC

  1. I am having the worst sort of conversation with someone, it seems to be coming back too. All I said was that I believe that if you look at both animal behaviour and know enough about the history of humankind going back approx 1 million years, you can see how certain morals came into existance. Based on that some tribes started to begin leaving their dead in a certain way. This was far before the time that Humans started to bury their dead mind you.

    That together with the idea that morals were build/based upon practicality of one form or the other ( usually what is good for the tribe, sometimes what is good for the individual )

    Then someone hijacked this topic into a muddied waters by stating "And that is why I think Humans should not eat meat"

    What ? ( I said ) No... Not at all. Though I guess their morals would or should put humans into thinking mass killing of animals is not ohkay.

    So now I get the question if I think that humans should eat meat every day for 4 days now. :(

    about 22 days ago from web

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