Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Sunday, 14-Jul-19 18:48:58 UTC

  1. Oh look, there is drama surrounding 007 again. Not James Bond mind you, just 007. Apparently a woman is going to play the new Bond 007 and not that guy I talked about about a month ago and his unflattering photo.

    Does not really help that clickbait articles go with "Captain Marvel Actor Gets 007 Movie" ( no matter which side of the coin you are on, you know Brie Larson is seen as a flawed everything by the haters ).

    Look people, I just have one thing to say.

    "Make it good, or don't bother" Please, just saying. Noone I know talks more positively about Female Ghostbusters than about Mr Plinket. Judge for yourself what HE is

    about a month ago from web

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