adiwan (adiwan)'s status on Monday, 05-Aug-19 15:38:40 UTC

  1. I've been scolded for not taking a vacation and working on the project instead (while most people and my project supervisor had a semi-forced vacation by the company). All I wanted to do is to work as much as possible in peace and quiet before the deadline (not yet determined) will crush me. I had already a rough outline of what's required and I could work nonetheless. I'd wager that I achieved more during the time than I could if everyone were there and disturbing my concentration. I cleaned up my code, I documented it, I added a lot more functionality and I researched how to use a library that I will need to use and semi-achieved a clean interface for a rather complicated interaction in VR for the current project. I could do a hack-job in less time in stress but I'd definitely bite me into my ass in the end. The project supervisor doesn't want to see that far.

    about 14 days ago from web

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