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  1. Soo. I just want to rant about 'objectivity' vs 'subjectivity'. They are not polar opposites, heck they might not even be opposites in some cases.

    The first is the belief that the facts support some claim, the second is the belief that your claim is backed up by feelings.

    Enter things like "Is Pluto a planet ?" "Is the Scorkl project a scam ?" "Does the FREE Electric work as advertised ?" "Does getting your lip pierced hurt ?" and then I ran out of non-politically-charged stupid questions.

    In order "Depends on if you are talking to a scientist or a space-enthusiast" "You would be crazy to expect that thing to work as advertised" "Yes but only if your house uses 10W10A in a day" and "depends on your personal pain threshold".

    If at any point someone goes "But my belief in objectivity/subjectivity is the only correct one because it is mine" then my eyes become like ping pong balls in a front loading washing machine.

    Feel free to add some other examples.

    about 13 days ago from web in context

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