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  1. "If this phonecall is so damning then why did he even release the transcript, only an idiot would do that"

    4 seconds later

    "Like he is the only person that does something so bad, right out there in the open that it makes YOU question, on whether it is actually bad"

    "Right ?"

    Au-contraire, Trevor Noah, I absolutely know it is bad. I mean. I remember the shill words you did for Battlefield V, Tre-Five-Or. ( watch these 25 seconds right here if you want context : ... Watch the whole thing if you can stand a ranting New Yorker for about 40 minutes. Is it worth it ? I'd say yes )

    Tre5or goes on : "it has become somewhat of a political Rorschach test, where Democrats and republicans see what they want to see, it be either a smoking gun, or something to prove innosence. Yet they voted 100-0 on it. ... I think that a guy in a fish costume is WAY better suited as explanation than Tre5or.

    I miss Jon Steward so much T_T

    about 2 months ago from web

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