Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Monday, 30-Sep-19 23:04:36 UTC

  1. Ohh, got a hunch and guess what I found at the back of my closet. There is a reason why I hoard useful stuff. It's actually a "couteau à pizza", which I guess gives away its original design plan by the person who designed it. But I used it for cheese mostly ( I do not eat a lot of Pizza, though it works like a dream on the crust. Way better than the Borderland 2 Psycho Pizza-thing, no contest ).

    I guess I probably break some law of recursive functions by using a utensil the wrong way in the correct way that was designed wrongly by stealing an idea from abbey monks. Ohkay I have NO idea how to untangle that.

    Reason why I forgot about my first one ? It got kinda blunt, so I took it with me to some Renaissance faire thingie so I could ask a blacksmith-like person how to proper sharpen it when he gave me some 60 Euro's for it. HAH, like I am going to say no to that.

    Oh right, I am spouting exposition again arn't I ? Apologies.

    Also #'leth

    about 2 months ago from web

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