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  1. "Your fresh produce may contain insects" - Adam ( ruins everything )

    Yeah, I know, I am no stranger to the professional kitchen. Not to brag but the things I used to make :3 Broccoli, Cauliflower and Lettuce is not fun just because of that, especially Cauliflower as it needs to be nice, and white, and bug-less if you expect to be employed the next day. I also know that if you find an entire bug in a can of tomatoes you take a picture and send it to your supplier and pretty much won a day supply of fresh bug-less tomato stuff.

    "In fact, if you have eaten a hundred pounds of chocolate, you have eaten one entire bug" - Adam

    Well, yeah, laws of average and all that.

    I used to bite off my own toenails too, by the laws of averages there is a 95% chance you did this too at one point in your life, Adam. Does not mean foot-fettish ( something I will never understand ) involves nibbling and swallowing someone elses toe-nail

    I mean... I am sorry... Adam is about to break my mind over here.

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