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  1. And, just, there is still about half the country who rejects the evidence of their eyes and ears, who lean not on their own understanding and just swallow propaganda whole, and they vote! And it terrifies me, because everything I used to believe in - reason, empathy, the general goodness of humanity - has pretty much been thrown out the window. They're not listening and they don't care, anyway, and I have no idea what else I can do BUT fight, and they're holding all the bombs, anyway. I just feel so helpless. But the children! The children are the future! The same children who are still using "gay" as the top-tier insult in my apartment complex, no less! Yeah, we're boned. Hell in a bucket, and I ain't even enjoying the ride. On the plus side, my lack of healthcare might mean I only see a couple more years of the FrankerZshow, anyway. I'm a year and a half overdue for a procedure that was supposed to find out what's wrong with me; spoiler, I didn't spontaneously heal.

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