Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Sunday, 03-Nov-19 18:14:34 UTC

  1. To think that back at E3 2017 Nina Struthers ( Mahria Zook ) walked on stage as the Chief Synergy Officer and proceeded to call everyone in the gaming industry dumb. And that now for the year 2020 people are planning to dub it the "Year of No Cow-Excrement" in the hope that it will become better is sort of clashing in my head as a... Weird symbolicisation... perhaps best explained like

    2017 : waking up
    2018 : coffee
    2019 : taking a shower and then the hot water suddenly stops so it is now cold AF
    just before 2020 : realisation moment "OH GOD THE GAMES INDUSTRY IS ON FIRE AND WE HAVE TO EXTINGUISH THE FLAMES !!! Quick lets call 2020 the year of no bullgrape or something, lets see if that works !"

    about 17 days ago from web

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