Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Saturday, 09-Nov-19 13:17:03 UTC

  1. This is a GREAT watch . The level of awareness is so warped in all 6 of these individuals that I could build a case study out of it for psych class.

    But I would probably upset a LOT of people regarding either religion, flat eartherism, or globe eartherism.

    By the end, the person that could be referred to as Karen even makes the closing arguments that "We do not derrive our beliefs from finding a statement and then only using supporting evidence. You claiming that I derrive my beliefs from religion is a fallacy !" and "Hiding behind 'rocket science' is similar to religion, if you look at the catholic church back in the days 'Only WE can interpet the Bible, you have to listen to what we say' so in a lot of ways we're getting that same from science that says that only they can interpet what those numbers are and you just need to trust them"

    Me personally ? I hold no stake in any of them being right. It was good to laugh at.

    about a month ago from web

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