thismightbeauser's status on Thursday, 05-Mar-20 02:05:37 UTC

  1. I know that ad blocking is a hotly contested right (you're free to do it but you're trash and a thief if so tends to be the argument against it), but when a site pops all sorts of boxes over the content telling me to turn it off, I usually just leave. Even if I'm cool with the publisher, I don't think they realize how complicated it actually is to turn all that off correctly. First I have to allow the scripts for the ad network, usually churning through several refreshes of layered scripts (using an ad network is a major turnoff. It's better if you run your own ads. Coincidentally those ads are far less likely to be blocked by default since they're custom!!!1!), then I have to unblock it in my content blocker, THEN I have to remember to turn that junk back off before I leave. Temporary permissions aren't good enough, because you still have to remember to click the button to revoke them.

    about a month ago from web in context

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