thismightbeauser's status on Friday, 01-May-20 03:09:41 UTC

  1. @scribus I hate IBM-like computers and avoid them for anything that makes sense to at this point. For gaming I look for the Switch version, even if it's more expensive. I like my Chromebook because it's a good platform for Linux without basic hardware nightmares, but it also prevents you from doing much with external devices unless you're willing to defile ChromeOS by sidestepping their VM environment. There are too many parts in any operating system anymore. Apple loves to break backwards compatibility because it becomes too much effort to support everything after a while, but it sucks for the users. Make sure you don't upgrade to 10.1000.2000.12 because it breaks this one specific program that only works on versions .10 and .11. Then you get into this weird situation where two of your tools work in different ranges of versions and you're screwed. I can understand why they'd get rid of 32 bit compatibility, since no computer runs 32 bit processors anymore, but it still stinks

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