adiwan (adiwan)'s status on Wednesday, 26-Aug-20 08:46:10 UTC

  1. With acceptable temperatures outside I started playing VR again. A modded BeatSaber is somewhat of a must as the default songs are utterly crap for the most part. After a 3 hour session my legs hurt for days. Also I was playing Budget Cuts 2. I really liked Budget Cuts 1 althought it was relatively short. Budget Cuts 2 had some very badly designed parts as they have stopped me to a screeching halt. The first major design flaw was at the beginning where a secret code was written on a post-it note on the back of a walking robot. First of all the note was tiny and not easily visible as the robot blocks the way and the post-it had a similar brightness as the robot. Later there were some other parts equally dumb as they were as easily missed. I had to watch a walkthrough for these.

    about a month ago from web