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  1. And at the same time, he revolutionized animation. That sounds like I'm heaping a lot of undue praise, but he did. Ren & Stimpy is the reason Nickelodeon went so hard into animation. It paved the way for all of that stuff. There are a lot of cartoons that have aired since or are airing now that I don't think would exist without Ren & Stimpy being there first. In the late 80s and early 90s, most cartoons - The Simpsons excluded, to a point - weren't artist driven. They were written by executives and made to sell toys. R&S was a departure from that and it's arguably the reason we haven't gone back. Now most children's cartoons are artist driven (less the case with adult animation) and that wouldn't be the case without Ren & Stimpy. Even people like Rebecca Sugar, who condemned Comedy Central's plans to reboot the show purely on the basis of Kricfalusi's predatory legacy, owe their careers to his artistic legacy.

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