Matt (mrmattimation)'s status on Sunday, 30-Aug-20 07:29:33 UTC

  1. The documentary implicitly posits the question of whether we can or should separate the art from the artist. It doesn't give you a straight answer, and I think that's the point. In Ren & Stimpy's case, I think we sort of already have, in a way. If not the art, then the art inspired by the art, which then inspired its own art and so on. That might be the most controversial claim you can make with regards to Kricfalusi's work, that ANYTHING owes its existence to Ren & Stimpy. But so far I'm not seeing anything to rebut that.

    Kricfualusi is a horrible, irredeemable piece of Potato Knishes. But as is the case with unfortunate frequency in the historical world of art, he was a piece of apple who started a movement. Somebody in the documentary says that, before everything went down, he thought John K would be the next Walt Disney. And in that regard, he was.

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