adiwan (adiwan)'s status on Monday, 07-Sep-20 18:28:11 UTC

  1. Tried to play Elite Dangerous after I got it for cheap from a recent Humble Bundle. Save it. I mean don't bother. The game is hot garbage. Controls garbage. Tutorial garbage. First mission garbage. It is so garbage I rage-quitted. In the first mission you have to fly to a station and dock there for further information. It made you wait for 7 minutes in real time. For real. I stopped half-way through and quit the game. I wanted to play it in VR and it is also pretty garbage in that regard. Text is barely readable with my normal HTC Vive. Also I HATE HATE HATE fake-ass headless bodies. In the pilot seat there is a "representation" of "my" body sitting. However it is super distracting for me. Especially when it's so close and adjusting my seat. I quickly clip through its high collar. And there is no option to remove the model.

    about 17 days ago from web