Matt (mrmattimation)'s status on Thursday, 01-Oct-20 09:02:09 UTC

  1. It feels like a missed opportunity because SF is supposed to take place in “our world”, as much as a show about talking animals can. That’s sort of been my MO since around 2015 or so, that these stories aren’t rooted very much in the extraordinary or the supernatural and that the issues the characters face are (exaggerated) reflections of real issues we face as a species. MLB 2 is about depression and how your friends can help (or harm) you along that path. The Twin Souls is also about depression, “stand your ground” theories, political polarization, spiritual guidance, and suicidal ideation, set against the backdrop of the at-the-time relevant Syrian refugee crisis and the 2016 election. Swole Foods is about depression again (surprise surprise) but also just about living in modern America as a Gen Z-er, and I feel like by ignoring Covid in these episodes I’m straying from that premise a bit.

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