Matt (zeldatra)'s status on Wednesday, 18-Aug-21 00:00:21 UTC

  1. Aqua, supposedly one of the “big good” characters, has an incredibly difficult time showing any emotion whatsoever. A naive player may chalk this up to her voice actress having never done a voice role before or since. But if you REALLY look into it, you’ll find that the character is just generally emotionally detached from everything around her - during what we assume is her first encounter with death, she immediately proclaims that it was “the darkness” that took the life of Cinderella’s step-sisters. She adopts this mindset with just about every tragedy that strikes from there on, but that’s not all. She spends a good portion of the game willfully misleading people for seemingly no reason, gaslighting Ventus and Terra among others, and her sense of right and wrong is incredibly binary and reveals that she has no proper morals of her own, and seemingly cannot grasp morality at all beyond light = good and dark = bad.

    about a month ago from web