Matt (zeldatra)'s status on Wednesday, 18-Aug-21 00:21:31 UTC

  1. Unlike her millennial counterparts, Sora and Riku, who are both very emotionally driven and who, for better or worse, derive morality from what they believe in their hearts is right, to the point that they will at times disregard logic, reason, and even common sense if something leads them to believe that the logically correct solution to a problem is not the most morally correct, Aqua is cold and calculating and genuinely cannot fathom the idea that somebody can do the wrong thing for a cause they believe to be just. In her final conversation with Terra at the end of Birth by Sleep, when he confirms to her that he killed their master, mentor, and father figure while attempting to protect Ventus, she both refuses to believe that Terra could have any good left in him, AND seems to imply that emotions themselves are dangerous and lead to the darkness.

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