Matt (zeldatra)'s status on Tuesday, 31-May-22 07:34:17 UTC

  1. Finally put the time in to beat Hitman 3. Definitely one of the best stealth games I ever played. Ending sucked, which is par for the course for Hitman unfortunately. But the stealth gameplay is so fun and it’s addicting trying to find new ways to take out your targets. One time I was following a mission story just to acquaint myself with the level so I could get more creative in subsequent playthroughs, and as I was inspecting a room for hiding spots my target just… walked in. It wasn’t part of the story, he just pathed into the room and his body guard was lagging slightly behind. So I just shot him and hid his body before the guard could see. Totally valid way to beat the level, the random, well-timed, unseen act of violence is treated as legitimately as following the meticulously planned mission story. Really just a fantastic game all around.

    about a month ago from web