Matt (zeldatra)'s status on Saturday, 30-Jul-22 03:32:31 UTC

  1. re:that last bullet, i think the push for inclusivity is broadly good because it's a life simulator and i think the more inclusive games like this are, the better, but it seems like they use inclusivity as an all-encompassing shield to stymy criticism when their updates come out half-baked and even broken. this most recent update breaks the aging system beyond repair, removes most whims in exchange for wants and fears that cover exclusively the base game and the latest expansion pack, and somehow bungled relationship checks so now my sims wanna papaya their brothers. but hey, they've added a sexuality system that probably should've been in there seven years ago eight years after release, so all is forgiven, we can move on to The Sims 4: Need for Speed, which finally adds (a) car (which cannot be used outside of its specialized map)

    about 14 days ago from web in context