adiwan (adiwan)'s status on Sunday, 26-Feb-23 21:16:28 UTC

  1. Finished Yakuza 3. Well... It was fine. I eventually adapted to the controls. Plot-wise it's getting better but remained quite rough to the end. This time I only completed about 35 %. I could have more but the cabaret stuff was just awful.
    I also started Yakuza 4. It got immediately more enjoyable as it is graphically on par of Kiwami 1 but has badly compressed video sequences like 3 for a bunch of cut-scenes.
    I don't mind I'm not playing Kiryu as he has become too big of a persona for all the small side-quests and him forgetting fighting techniques and being out-of-shape got repetitive. Understandable and gameplay-wise mandatory, but still sigh-worthy. 3's upgrade system was also very uninspired and bare. It made me use the weapons more but it didn't made me want to mod and upgrade those weapons as they break too fast for my liking.

    about a month ago from web