Hunter D (terminalhunter)'s status on Friday, 13-Jan-12 04:29:15 UTC

  1. @thatonepony I and many others have started to see a disturbing trend on the internet. It's often been called an 'internet filter bubble' but that's the more algorithmic check sites like google applie to people as they search. But the algorithm is based off of human behavior, namely the fact that people do not like to step outside of what I like to call their "sphere of knowledge." Conservatives don't like to type something into google and see something liberal and vice versa. So people on the internet tailor their searches and only subscribe to things that they agree with until they hit their limit for information intake, i.e. they've subscribed to everything they'll be able to read in a day and then they no longer expand their horizons. The brony community, and any brony by simply being a member of the community above the standard demographic for the show, has already broken out of at least one 'filter bubble' and expanded the kind of knowledge they're able to acquire.

    Friday, 13-Jan-12 04:29:15 UTC from web in context

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