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  1. Shock humor can absolutely be hilarious if done right (@tiffany does it all the time), the problem is if you're a self-proclaimed edge lord there's a pretty good chance you don't know your way around a regular joke, let alone an offensive one. Humor was designed to offend. On the flip side, causing offense isn't inherently funny, so if you don't do it right you kind of just look like an asshole.

    about 8 hours ago from web
  2. Y'know I don't think I've ever actually watched an episode of Bobs Burgers.

    about 11 hours ago from web
  3. I'm gonna balance a fidget spinner on top of a flying quadrotor. It's gonna be great

    about 11 hours ago from web
    • Man, one of these days, I'll actually complete a creative project, and it'll feel SO GOOD I bet.

      about 12 hours ago from web
    • After a careful investigation of the Manchester attacks, we were able to determine the identity of the perpetrator based on the fact that the attack happened at around UK midnight and it could be described as an "evil bombing" http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/Evil_Midnight_Bomber_What_Bombs_At_Midnight

      about 14 hours ago from shitposter.club
    • James Bond will not return... RIP Roger Moore.

      about 13 hours ago from web
      • @archaeme You should come up with a theme character, like Rainbow grape

        about 13 hours ago from gnusocial.de
      • Today I learned that "Homeowner" has the word "meow" in it. Think of this next time you are going to pronounce it and I can almost guarantee you'll do it wrong.

        about 5 days ago from web
      • Namely: partying.

        about 13 hours ago from web
        • Hahahaha I know what I'm doing for my hatching day now!

          about 13 hours ago from web
          • Never mention the European Crusades though.

            about 13 hours ago from gs.smuglo.li
          • @klaatu I think it goes way beyond that, like there are plenty of genuinely useless jobs that people do - a lot because of the rise of finance capitalism. Even if you aren't sweating or doing things manually you could be doing work i.e. research which is valuable to society.

            In the case you bring up, it'd be most efficient for the waiting worker to just not work that day or spend it doing work of their choice. It's the forced work-or-starve-to-death that makes it seem reasonable for that employee to stick around for 8 hours doing nothing.

            about 13 hours ago from gnusocial.de
          • How to exit vim https://stackoverflow.blog/2017/05/23/stack-overflow-helping-one-million-developers-exit-vim/

            about 13 hours ago from web
          • https://kiwiposter.club/attachment/715190 Exclusive engraving of pre-schism @moonman and @sunman sharing a bong

            about 15 hours ago from shitposter.club
          • Apply directly to forehead.

            about 16 hours ago from web
            • Welcome to our My Little Ony site. Notice there is no 'P' in it. Let's keep it that way.

              about 17 hours ago from web
            • wth(heck) the ice caps in the north and southern regions are growing not receding we've been lied to the entire time, this is why i hate politietion

              about a day ago from web
            • The Supergirl series wasn't great lately but the finale SUUUUCKED hard. Let's pollute the whole atmosphere with lead.

              about a day ago from web
              • Actually, I may need one cable and/or adaptor, but after that!

                about a day ago from web
                • Ordered a mic, just need curtains and I'll have a quickie recording studio.

                  about a day ago from web
                  • Holy kiwi Manchester what

                    about a day ago from web
                    • Fact- The internet has gotten worse since people stopped shaming furries

                      about a day ago from shitposter.club
                    • I mean, sure, The Rock is in the gym 8 hours a day, but that's his job! Let's see him also sit in a cubicle doing nothing significant for eight hours all while not blowing his brains out!

                      about a day ago from web
                    • Nah, I'm kidding, though. Today was good.

                      about a day ago from web
                      • Well this comic is 100% ready for abuse. I just need to crop something equally abhorrent in the last pane. http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/859350

                        about a day ago from web
                      • I hate Donald Trump, put another dime in the jukebox baby

                        about a day ago from web
                        • Pictured: President Trump making a soul-binding arms deal with some sort of sorcerer. http://rainbowdash.net/url/859349

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