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  1. So, early in the summer, the Studio B website revealed that it was animating 22 episodes for MLPFIM season 2. This conflicted with other sources saying there would be 24 new episodes. I think it was # who cleared it up, saying that there were 24 episodes, but 2 of them (obviously, The Return of Harmony), had been animated at the end of last season. Since animation is generally the last step in production, I think it's probably safe to say that Return of Harmony was originally meant to serve as a series finale in case the show wasn't renewed. Since it WAS renewed, it became part of season 2 instead. || Now in season 2, the EI logo is conspicuously absent, meaning the show is no longer classed as "edutainment". Since one of the major reasons for that classification was Twilight's moral-of-the-week letters, and those letters have served their purpose story-wise in Return of Harmony, I'm wondering if we've seen the last of "Dear Princess Celestia.."

    Monday, 26-Sep-11 13:13:10 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context

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