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  1. @einebiene # all your cigarettes. And when you find yourself buying new cigarettes, destroy them too, immediately. Tha'ts how my father once quit smoking.

    Saturday, 12-Mar-16 15:05:28 UTC from in context
  2. @derphoove *All rivers lead to the ocean, # #

    Wednesday, 06-Aug-14 10:32:25 UTC from web in context
  3. @metaltao # #

    Friday, 11-Jul-14 04:36:15 UTC from web in context
  4. " # + # are both under attack by a multi-pronged # 'proto-war' which could erupt into 'hot war' or even nuclear # # or 'proto-warfare' is the term I have coined to describe the use of multiple methods intended to weaken, destabilize, and in the limit-case # a targeted government # the need to engage in direct military warfare."

    Sunday, 15-Jun-14 19:27:30 UTC from in context
  5. I dont think it only necessary to # a wall at pumpio. But @heluecht has created a full-featured !friendica-#pumpio connector

    Monday, 16-Sep-13 01:40:13 UTC from