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  1. #

    Saturday, 17-Nov-18 03:56:25 UTC from
  2. :o) # or not?

    Wednesday, 22-Mar-17 19:01:17 UTC from
  3. Just back from 1st evening of my 'Grunnegs Proaten' lesson (2nd year now) - most of last years group is taking part again, very nice. Now !listening to 'Mix - Philip Glass - Truman Sleeps (very slow , very relaxing)' - somehow Phillip Glass' music matches my new house (and I love Phillip Glass music a lot anyway)... #

    Tuesday, 01-Nov-16 20:48:26 UTC from
  4. \o/ my new ankle boots arrived - just the *perfect* shade of red! #

    Tuesday, 11-Oct-16 16:14:51 UTC from in context
  5. Yay! I managed to actually use the Linode API with a properly constructed URL to update the IP addresses (IPv4 *and* IPv6) matching my NAS. That's the core of setting this up as DNS - by putting the 2 requests in a script to be regularly executed by a cron job. # that's a major step forward today: it took negotiating a few hurdles, but I got where I wanted to be :D # #

    Thursday, 11-Aug-16 22:33:56 UTC from in context
  6. Ha! Good news: while looking for a USB thumb with enough space to easily 'transport' important files from rescueCD-booted Nikola to Dennis, I found one which actually had (in a directory called 'rescue') my most important notes about setting up a connection to Hal (with SSH and sshfs). The notes and code snippets, together with the thread discussing some ideas should be enough to set up a connection from Dennis to Hal - and after that allow SpiderOakONE to make a backup of the backups on Hal. Once that's done, combine that with (manually started) Titanium Backup on the phone, followed by btsync on phone and Hal to 1) put Titanium's backup on Hal as well and 2) keep the KeePass database in sync across machines, too. That should cover most bases. I think. :) That's enough progress for today, I'll start executing this (and keeping new notes!) # Feeling # and # that I have more important notes than I thought!

    Sunday, 07-Aug-16 21:50:27 UTC from in context
  7. right now I feel: :] #

    Saturday, 30-Jul-16 14:01:14 UTC from
  8. On the train, with coffee, free newspaper (with sudoku and tectonic) and a sandwich, on the way to Groningen again :D Good morning !tzag !fediverse !tempfix #

    Tuesday, 05-Jul-16 04:41:15 UTC from
  9. @expatpaul !fediverse it must be a good morning (etc.) !tzag after a good night's sleep on my 'chair bed', a nice breakfast and now busy assembling my shiny coffee machine! #

    Monday, 29-Feb-16 07:59:33 UTC from
  10. OK, let's dive into our # at a decent time today! Well, me at least ;-) #, because in spite of physio and two shopping runs I managed to be fairly productive today - more # fun # good night boa noite goienacht jó ejt (etc.) !tzaf !fediverse !fediverso

    Wednesday, 27-Jan-16 22:48:21 UTC from
  11. I am now the proud owner of a real Stetson # #! # - it fits perfectly, too \o/ #

    Wednesday, 13-Jan-16 17:33:09 UTC from in context
  12. HURRAY \o/ I just got a mail that my # order (Everyday Messenger Bag and accessories) has been shipped and is estimated to arrive on 31 December - looks as though they actually will manage to get it to me before the year ends! # !photography #

    Tuesday, 29-Dec-15 11:08:26 UTC from
  13. Good morning guten morgen bonan matenon bom dia jó reggelt moi goedemorgen hyvää huomenta (etc.) !tzag !fediverse !fediverso - the sun is shining once again and I found a course Grunneger Toal (in Groningen = Grunn) that I may be able to join. # #

    Tuesday, 27-Oct-15 08:17:00 UTC from
  14. @chalkahlom on my way back now, waiting for the train to leave; the deed (indeed!) is done. #, # day. :D

    Monday, 26-Oct-15 14:56:40 UTC from
  15. @lnxw48 at least for my pretty restrictive environment it works :-) could only run !twister via tor the last months, but now: # (without tor)

    Thursday, 13-Aug-15 12:32:45 UTC from in context
  16. now that I've set up SSH properly (though further tweaks need to be done) and can also use sshfs, I can directly open and edit files on Hal (NAS) from Nikola (workstation) - trying that out while setting up editor colors in Aptana Studio. # \o/ I did a lot of reading today, should do more writing # - and # in-between :)

    Saturday, 20-Jun-15 22:33:55 UTC from
  17. OK done today: created linode, set up two (extra) users, set up SSH and locked it down (no root login, non-standard port, key-pair-only login for only two users). #: more security, then look into setting up Mozilla sync #

    Thursday, 14-May-15 23:44:17 UTC from
  18. back from doctor's office: doctor happy, me happy: bloodpressure from much too high now back to excellent! #

    Monday, 29-Dec-14 10:44:08 UTC from
  19. # to be # just because # is coming. # al waer besieged by # # #

    Thursday, 25-Dec-14 12:16:41 UTC from Repeated by mcscx
  20. # to be # just because # is coming. # al waer besieged by # # #

    Thursday, 25-Dec-14 12:16:41 UTC from
  21. after reading @bijan's last message I feel like: :-) #

    Saturday, 06-Dec-14 01:01:13 UTC from
  22. # + # + # = # @mcnalu

    Wednesday, 03-Dec-14 14:13:57 UTC from
  23. "the brink of death (at age 28) had given # Достое́вский a new perspective on time + history. Many years later he remarked: 'I cannot recall when I was ever as # as on that day.'" cc @question

    Sunday, 23-Nov-14 19:13:48 UTC from in context
  24. @mk at last - success! the *beta* app miniDLNA is a UPnP server, minimal installation. And now with VLC the # appears, and (a while later, have to have patience) a '+' appears and it's browsable. Select Arif Sag folder, select play .... AND IT PLAYS! # that took a while! (yes @aqueeliz, I'll also look at ownCloud but for now I have my musical collection playable and I'm #!).

    Monday, 15-Sep-14 10:29:46 UTC from in context
  25. copying files via Adele (USB station) goes so well, I almost forget I'm working across the network! # just moving/deleting files on the network drive seems to be a problem - why? #

    Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 07:13:20 UTC from in context
  26. @mcnalu especially in a restaurant where they know your favorite dish and ask if you need to see the menu :D #

    Thursday, 21-Aug-14 21:04:21 UTC from in context
  27. enough! I'm too tired by now to do any more reorganizing, rearranging, rewhatever - let alone order NAS, disks, etc. (afraid I'll make mistakes). garbage is outside, and inside the arrangement I'm after is beginning to look more realistic. :) so, tired but #

    Sunday, 13-Jul-14 20:21:40 UTC from
  28. after viewing mind-b10win9 Mayumi Itsuwa (born in #) I feel like: :-) #

    Saturday, 17-May-14 23:01:28 UTC from
  29. :] # or not?

    Monday, 07-Apr-14 02:01:42 UTC from
  30. after much struggling with wp at first, finally today (technically yesteday) was a good day: went to a great concert by Sidi Touré with my friends, *and* got my Geography subsystem in my site basically working (it's just ugly for now but that doesn't matter - the techniques work!) # # # #

    Sunday, 23-Mar-14 01:24:33 UTC from

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