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  1. Oh gosh this is like the best thing ever. !ponyart !bln !pinkieism

    Wednesday, 12-Oct-11 15:23:28 UTC from web

    Saturday, 01-Oct-11 19:36:07 UTC from Gwibber in context
  3. I posted a thing to LJ about drawings. I'm really focused on other things ATM. # !ponyart

    Saturday, 03-Sep-11 20:44:46 UTC from Gwibber in context
  4. Happy Laughter Day! HAVE SOME PINKIE PIE! !pinkieism !ponyart #

    Monday, 06-Jun-11 21:10:58 UTC from Gwibber
  5. !ponyart More ponies with balloons. I guess I'd be better if I did them in color I suppose, though.

    Saturday, 28-May-11 20:10:11 UTC from web in context
  6. Weekly Windstone Overview # post is still mostly !ponyart I'll probably cross-post to Flankbook and then sleep.

    Sunday, 22-May-11 03:01:56 UTC from Gwibber
  7. The !plot !ponyart I promised earlier. Added !balloons because I tend to do that to everything I draw.

    Sunday, 22-May-11 01:33:17 UTC from web
  8. I was planning to draw a pegasus with balloons before last night ended. And I did. But it is now morning. !ponyart #

    Saturday, 21-May-11 04:08:26 UTC from Gwibber in context
  9. # !ponyart # Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo on grass. ( Didn't think of clouds. ) Trade with @starlightbolt of RDN.

    Friday, 20-May-11 15:01:51 UTC from Gwibber in context
  10. @celestiaforequestria Awww <3 Adorable. I'd cuddle them both! Should that go into !ponyart ?

    Monday, 16-May-11 20:59:16 UTC from web in context
  11. # !ponyart !balloon I have no real idea why I spent so much time on this. It doesn't make much sense in-character.

    Sunday, 15-May-11 19:08:47 UTC from Gwibber
  12. Weekly Windstone Art LJ post. Mostly OC/crossover # ponies this week. !EquestrianDawn !ponyoverdose !ponyart #

    Saturday, 14-May-11 15:27:19 UTC from Gwibber
  13. Brandy & Mr. Whiskers + My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic = Still miss the show. # # !ponyart

    Monday, 09-May-11 01:31:42 UTC from Gwibber in context
  14. !ponyart Finally done with my vector of crazy Pinkie Pie! I'm surprised no one has even taken screencaps of it from the show yet. Just missed you @loak , but if you want to use it for an avatar here it is.

    Tuesday, 03-May-11 05:37:57 UTC from web in context

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