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  1. \o/ #

    Wednesday, 26-Oct-16 16:28:29 UTC from
  2. Gänsehautsong !listening # # !music

    Sunday, 10-May-15 20:18:36 UTC from
  3. Flying around in an airship is fun. #

    Tuesday, 31-Dec-13 16:21:18 UTC from web
  4. Walking super slow because you don't want to drop anything until you get to a merchant #

    Sunday, 24-Nov-13 07:02:10 UTC from web
  5. @greenpirateuk I found awesome # screenshots I wonder if # etc is really like this :)

    Sunday, 27-Oct-13 01:40:19 UTC from
  6. Just found a Spell Tome under a pile of erotic novels. #

    Sunday, 14-Jul-13 01:33:20 UTC from web in context
  7. Man I have pledged myself to so many gods. #

    Saturday, 13-Jul-13 21:31:49 UTC from web in context
  8. Level 4. Max difficulty. Killed three Thalmor without cheats. Life's good. #

    Wednesday, 05-Jun-13 21:18:38 UTC from web in context
  9. Basically Morrigan. #

    Wednesday, 05-Jun-13 21:04:44 UTC from web
  10. !TES # #

    Wednesday, 08-May-13 04:58:28 UTC from web in context
  11. >Leave all the equipment behind >Within the hour I'm clad in nordic carved and daedric >The gauntlets are even better thatn the ones I had before #

    Friday, 03-May-13 00:12:57 UTC from web
  12. You think Miraak is scary, but then you meet Hermaeus Mora, and you realize what truly means to hold the knowledge to do anything, you realize you are before a beign that could bend the very fate of the universe without doing more than speaking a few words if he so desired, and you stare in awe trying to comprehend it, it's nature, it's motivations. #

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 12:48:41 UTC from web
  13. At this point, Lydia is so used to daedric books and the like suddenly absorbing or teleporting the character to other planes, she just reacts with a "Oh, not again" or "I wish this would stop already" She's the best follower ever. #

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 02:27:46 UTC from web in context
  14. "You caused a bit of stir in Apocrypha when you demonstrated the power of your thu'um" >a bit of stir in Apocrypha >Apocrypha >who the f*** is this guy and how is he able to silently travel between planes and remain hidden #

    Thursday, 25-Apr-13 01:27:18 UTC from web in context
  15. A very succesful life of crime. #

    Wednesday, 24-Apr-13 06:45:48 UTC from web
  16. Journey to Solstheim, Day 2: Got into a temple, killed a bunch of ash creatures. Accepted to distribute booze, so I spent most of the day distracting people from work to make them drink. Saved some guard dude from more ash creatures. #

    Sunday, 21-Apr-13 06:59:39 UTC from web
  17. 420 equip it knave #

    Sunday, 21-Apr-13 02:49:08 UTC from web in context
  18. I have become Honcho Tali. #

    Sunday, 21-Apr-13 02:45:53 UTC from web
  19. Journey to Solstheim, Day 1: Saw a lot of Dunmer, took a stroll through the beach picking up tandom weeds, played hide and seek with some bandits. Body count: about 15. Went into some crypt, got a set of nord armor, true to Morrowind it's /really/ classy and nice. Also a set of chitin, probably incomplete, and a Dunmer dress. #

    Sunday, 21-Apr-13 02:32:15 UTC from web
  20. So I just adopted a random urchin off the streets of Dawnstar. Whoops. #

    Sunday, 17-Feb-13 16:19:37 UTC from StatusNet Android
  21. The shaman dude said to not go mad with power like Miraak did. He doesnt need to worry about that: I went power mad the second I escaped Helgan. # #

    Monday, 14-Jan-13 15:47:13 UTC from web
  22. I can ride dragons. I answer to no one but myself. # #

    Monday, 14-Jan-13 15:44:49 UTC from web
  23. Cultists. Yup, I'm in Morrowind. # #

    Saturday, 12-Jan-13 03:02:40 UTC from web
  24. Карта Скайрима, лол: # #

    Thursday, 10-Jan-13 09:10:08 UTC from
  25. Alduin has magical subtitle powers. #

    Tuesday, 25-Dec-12 03:46:26 UTC from web
  26. Стоит ли проходить квест гражданской войны в #? # #

    Sunday, 16-Dec-12 21:11:54 UTC from
  27. Вот я, наконец, и прошёл главную сюжетную линию в # :3 # #

    Sunday, 16-Dec-12 21:05:44 UTC from
  28. Oh yes. # Dragonborn has a boatload of Morag Tong assassins. Was getting worried when both Oblivion and Skyrim had only one.

    Wednesday, 05-Dec-12 03:17:16 UTC from
  29. Misc quest in # Dragonborn: "Visit the werewolves at Frostmoon Crag". Awwwwwwwwwwwww. I hope they have confused lunatics there.

    Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 22:20:59 UTC from
  30. Yesss. # Dragonborn has music tracks from Morrowind. I love it already. =)

    Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 19:27:20 UTC from

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