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  1. # lets give love to # nurses...who care 4 strangers & dont get grossed out with blood or suppositories

    Tuesday, 29-Jan-13 18:46:08 UTC from Tara's Hands
  2. Challenge!! Send me vocal clips for todays # trend, my fav gets a slap of # or #

    Tuesday, 15-Jan-13 18:28:23 UTC from Tara's Lips
  3. This # goes out to funny siblings...send pics of funniest sibling # moments, winner gets a slap

    Tuesday, 08-Jan-13 16:50:17 UTC from Tara's Microphone
  4. # is on #! Send me funny X-mas # pics!! & Merry x-mas to all

    Tuesday, 25-Dec-12 17:36:34 UTC from Tara's Microphone
  5. This # 2waiters &waitresses who work their booties off, give em xtra tips 4 x-mas & tell em they r #

    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 15:44:19 UTC from Tara's Headphones
  6. # funniest pic of what you think # looks like gets a prize

    Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 17:20:19 UTC from Tara's Hands
  7. @renovatedkitchen you should have said #

    Friday, 30-Nov-12 17:56:06 UTC from web in context
  8. # tell someone who looks sad they r # itll either make them smile or think u r nuts, either way a win!

    Tuesday, 13-Nov-12 16:16:17 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  9. Devoting # to all our friends affected by # & special # love 2 the emergency workers. Sending love

    Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 12:44:12 UTC from Tara's Microphone
  10. @BigBrony: @tarastrong are there specific moves to the # dance? No...but winner vid gets a signed slap

    Tuesday, 23-Oct-12 14:54:13 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  11. # 2day...@ any point in the day, 4 no reason, do a #, school, shopping..videos encouraged

    Tuesday, 23-Oct-12 14:50:14 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  12. @WalfasWayne: @tarastrong Do I qualify for # now? :D definitely

    Tuesday, 23-Oct-12 14:48:29 UTC from Tara's Lips
  13. @Kir_rawr: @tarastrong my bro &his # mole 4chemistryTwilight Mole-kle! this is y Bronies r hilarious

    Monday, 22-Oct-12 18:06:31 UTC from Tara's Headphones
  14. Somehow the Barney element makes this pic much less #

    Saturday, 20-Oct-12 00:12:19 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  15. @KeatingRogers: Getting the purple in my hair touched up so that I can be # You already hair color necessary

    Thursday, 18-Oct-12 21:04:36 UTC from Tara's Hands
  16. # have or had a favorite teacher? Tell them they r # ...I hear that about u, mr. @toddmarrone

    Tuesday, 16-Oct-12 16:38:31 UTC from Tara's Lips
  17. @MitSenf: @tarastrong you and @Zak_Bagans are both #! I agree!

    Tuesday, 09-Oct-12 17:14:27 UTC from Tara's Microphone
  18. Its # !! Tweet your fav celeb telling them they r # ...tweet any responses!

    Tuesday, 09-Oct-12 15:24:28 UTC from Tara's Headphones
  19. @KeatingRogers: Whod I c finishing her workout as I was going to start mine?The # @tarastrongThats who! @SHIFTbyDP yay!

    Monday, 08-Oct-12 19:00:28 UTC from Tara's Hands
  20. @Stylo_Says: @tarastrong there is a BRONY on JEOPARDY!! what is # ? Right!!!

    Friday, 05-Oct-12 23:40:17 UTC from Tara's Hands
  21. @Inspired_Ones: Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented & fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? I'm # !!

    Friday, 05-Oct-12 23:38:34 UTC from Tara's Lips
  22. @drunk_doodles: hey @tarastrong doest this make my car # ? heck yeah!

    Thursday, 04-Oct-12 23:08:10 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  23. # if u r lucky enough to have a grandparent, tell them they r # ...funny pics & vids encouraged

    Tuesday, 25-Sep-12 16:12:40 UTC from Tara's Lips
  24. This one is very #

    Friday, 21-Sep-12 04:06:16 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  25. @jon_cutting: @tarastrong The only people I know who I'd call # would ridicule me for using the word. get them on the phone

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 20:12:07 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  26. # tell someone who always makes u feel good, no matter what crap you go through, they r #

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 17:20:30 UTC from Tara's Microphone
  27. @Keelsc: Have you seen this yet @tarastrong? Credit to Lysok of DA # love it!!

    Monday, 17-Sep-12 18:46:35 UTC from Tara's Lips
  28. @_Jay_M_: @tarastrong , my # birthday cake! super cute!

    Monday, 17-Sep-12 00:56:16 UTC from Tara's Hands
  29. @Moom_Radio: Although I just just missed @tarastrong I had a very # time @StanLeeComikaze come 2morrow!

    Sunday, 16-Sep-12 04:20:34 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  30. @SelenaQueso: What do you think @tarastrong?? # enough for" best drawing ever

    Thursday, 13-Sep-12 21:38:23 UTC from Tara's Headphones